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Kloud9 Auto Center has been serving the area for over 30 years. We offer a wide variety of automotive care services from one-stop shopping to specific needs such as tire sales and rims service, car detailing, and window tinting or private vehicle sale!

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Kloud9 Auto Center offers an extensive line of automotive care services to suit your needs. We’ve covered you from car repair and rentals, private sales on new vehicles, or lease returns!

We also provide tire & rims service and window tinting for those hot summer days when the sun is beating down too hard–and don’t forget our detailing inside and out by professionals who know what makes cars look good from both sides.

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Car Repair

The best way to ensure your car is in good working order and running smoothly on all four tires is to


The process of balancing a car starts with correctly tracking its weight.

Car Wash

The perfect place to get your car cleaned. It will look great, and the process will be easy and quick!

Engine Check

You might have heard that your engine is running hot and needs to be checked out.


Suspension is one of the essential aspects when it comes to driving safely.

Wheel Checking

Wheel-checking is the process of ensuring that all four wheels on your vehicle are in good working order.

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